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Dr. Nicole Robinson

Dr. Nicole Robinson  Pharm D, CFMP

Dr. Robinson graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2011. Her background includes 6 years as a U.S. Army pharmacist as well as experience in community pharmacy. She completed further training in 2020 through Functional Medicine University, and is now a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Robinson is passionate about helping people get to optimal health. Here she shares how almost 10 years in a traditional pharmacist role led her to seek a different path:

“I have been a part of the conventional medicine approach for a while now, and one thing I almost never saw was people with chronic disease getting better.  I am convinced there is a better way. There is more reason to believe Functional Medicine is the key to improving health. With the current advances in medical science, we should no longer be treating blindly. We should be using a thorough medical history, labs and symptoms to figure out WHERE and HOW to support the body, so it can heal itself. We must treat the body, mind and spirit as a whole; they are NOT separate, disconnected systems.”

Functional Medicine FAQ’s

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is finding the root cause of your health problem and supporting your body so it can heal itself. That will look different for every person, depending on your situation. We look at the individual as a whole, rather than as a group of symptoms. We recommend diet and lifestyle changes, as well as natural herbs and supplements to restore function.

Do you think you can help me with my health problem?

At Synergy, we use an innovative approach to assessing and treating your health care concerns. Most physicians are trained to look only in specific places for answers, using the same familiar labs and diagnostic tests. Yet, many causes of illness cannot be found in these places. The usual tests do not look for food sensitivities, underlying infections, environmental toxin exposures, nutritional exposures and metabolic imbalances.

We use a variety of innovative testing techniques to help our patients prevent illness and recover from many chronic and difficult to treat conditions. We are highly skilled in evaluating, assessing and treating chronic problems such as fibromyalgia, fatigue syndromes, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disorders, mood and behavior disorders, digestive problems, hormone imbalances and other complex conditions.

What is the process of the Functional Medicine experience at Synergy?

Our starting point is to take a thorough look at your medical records. This will help us better understand “Your Story”. It is a crucial piece of our investigation into the root cause of your illness. Next, we want to hear from you. No detail is too small. When you fill out our health history forms, we will gather details on your family history, personal health history and goals for the future. We may recommend advanced lab tests that can be used to identify underlying contributors of disease based on your unique health history and symptoms.

Once we discover the root cause(s) of your illness, we will develop a personalized protocol to remove these causes and restore normal function. Protocols often include a combination of diet management, exercise, stress management, sleep optimization and natural supplements that can enhance function.


Dr. Robinson is passionate about helping people get to optimal health. She believes you are not beyond help. When was the last time you invested in YOU?

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